Welcome the convenience of Motorized Blinds in Perth from Eiffel Curtains. Let technology do the timely up and down of the blinds while you enjoy a deep refreshing sleep.
Stylish and modern window blind automation for the modern home at affordable prices.
You can open or close the blinds, filter the daylight, let daylight in or increase inside’s privacy, without getting up from your seat and only by pushing of a button.

Electric motorised blinds with remote control

We have the most comprehensive and magnificent automated motorised blinds and curtains in the Perth, Western Australia. Visit our showroom to see what we can do for you with free measure and quote. We provide a full range of electric motorised, battery powered, and remote control blinds.

You can experience the many elegant and contemporary styles and colours.

Our service, we cover Perth metro area.

For the larger projects, we extend to the whole WA.

The motorised blinds have notched up the comfort level to a whole new level. The state-of-the-art engineering enables the Motorised Blinds Perth to have customizable options which will be apt to the décor of your room. The motorised blinds can be remotely controlled with ease.

Imagine sleeping in a full pitch black room only to wake up to the illuminating sunlight in the morning with just one press of the remote button.

Eiffel curtains have ties with the reputed automation providers for the indoors. Sheer convenience, thermal efficiency and safety are the paramount features of our Motorised blinds Perth.

Benefits of the motorised blinds

  1. Motorized blinds usually have a longer lifespan as they do not require manual intervention which can cause damage.
  2. No risk of your children and pets getting entangled in the dangling cords.
  3. Fantastic convenience in putting down the all the blinds of the house during the time of scorching sun rays with just one press on the remote control. Now no more coming to the home trapped with the heat after a long strenuous work.
  4. The discreet motorised blinds reflect the perfect ambience of the well-sophisticated homeowner which helps in forging a strong impression.
  5. They allow for proper ventilation with just your remote press while you enjoy doing any productive activity.

Let us know about your bespoken motorized blinds Perth requirements

No matter what the interior of your house is, there are ways to incorporate the motorised blinds which will enhance the décor of your room.

Our sales people will give you a free consultation and demo for installing the best-motorised blinds in Perth. We provide automation blinds to both residential as well as workplaces.

Throw us your queries and our team will provide the suitable options for your budget. What are you waiting for? Let us know your bespoke motorised blinds requirements at 08 6161 1042. We are just one call away.

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