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Pelmets Perth

Pelmets Perth change the entire appeal of the curtain

Our Pelmets are in vogue and really change the whole appeal of the curtain and give the room and window a distinctive look. There are various pelmet designs that you can pick as curtain pelmets for window treatments.Pelmet designs also involve the use of elaborated upholstery.

Pelmets Perth changes the entire appeal of the curtain. They are excellent way of adding sophistication and glamour as they provide traditional look in modern way. They are linked with the Victorian style of décor and ideal for the rooms with high ceilings and compliment to windows to give a distinctive look. Pelmets Perth designs can be categorised into pelmet valance and stiff pelmet. The stiff pelmet is prepared with the help of pelmet board on which the fabric is attached so there are no pleats or fillers. But in the case of valance pelmets, the required fabric has some pleats that normally flow downwards. Pelmet is an elegant, practical, and attractive way of blocking excess sun light coming into the room and also a great technique to give decorated and finished look to your windows. We can prepare pelmets in many sizes and shapes for example; contrast piping can be made to co-ordinate with curtains to cover the entire window.

Pelmets Perth

A well-made pelmets Perth is perfect decorative cover to hide the blind or curtain fixture at the top of the window. We offer variety of fabrics, styles, and colours from which you can choose to make decorative pelmet and swag according to your preference to add luxurious and finishing look to your blinds. Our windows top treatment including pelmet & swag give you advantages of trapping hot or cold and giving maximum insulation and reduction in sun light.

Pelmets Perth
Pelmets Perth

Contact us on (08) 6161 1042 to get detailed information about the graceful window’s dressing and stylish finish. We will be happy to display our range of windows treatment. We offer huge range of pelmet solutions so; complete the decor of your room with the padded style pelmet with either coordinating or matching fabrics. We have trained and experienced staff that can help you to complete the finish in attractive style. Our services will enhance the decoration of your room and windows. Feel free to email us to [email protected] to know anything about windows treatment and room decor solutions. Our windows treatment services will give you contemporary feel and elegant look to your bedrooms, lounge, dining room and all other locations of your home.

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